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TALEPI Members,

At our 2016 Annual Training Conference we broached the subject of attending the 2017 AAPP Conference in Houston, Texas in April as joint-conference between TALEPI and AAPP. Due to several factors, including the completely unreasonable fee increase at the Embassy Suites and Conference Center, the TALEPI Board has accepted an offer from AAPP for TALEPI members to attend at a reduced fee. While our first choice was to return to San Marcos, the hotel made it cost prohibitive and basically impossible to return there. Alternatives were explored in Round Rock, Austin, and San Antonio. The alternatives were workable, however not for 2017. By jointly attending the 2017 AAPP Conference in Houston, we ultimately put the association in a better position to plan for and negotiate an independent conference in 2018 (which is the plan) while increasing networking opportunities, increasing polygraph training topic exposure, and saving association money.

All TALEPI members can attend the 2017 AAPP Conference for a fee of $150 (Wednesday through Friday--ONLY)
All TALEPI members can attend the 2017 AAPP Annual Awards Banquet (Thursday, included in Fee)
All TALEPI members can attend the TDLR Credit class (Thursday, included in Fee).

Tentative Schedule

If a TALEPI member wants to sign up for the entire conference, (MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY), the normal AAPP fees apply (member or non-member fee).

TALEPI is not subsidizing this conference with any association funds and will have no conference expenses in 2017. TALEPI will not be collecting any conference fees associated with the 2017 Conference. As a result, TALEPI is going to institute the collection of the $25 membership fee, independent of the training conference, starting January 1, 2017. Treasurer Fontenot advises we can do this electronically and seamlessly. You must pay your annual fee to TALEPI in order to get the AAPP $150 fee rate.

This is a great networking opportunity at the national level. TAPE will also be attending jointly. This conference is a good opportunity for our association to interact at a new level. I want everyone to take a look at the AAPP Seminar Schedule and see the training that is lined up and the instructors. I also want everyone to know that for the past few years, TALEPI has led the way in creative training opportunities that have been duplicated at the national level. You can see that instructors and topics that we have brought to the TALEPI Conferences often get tapped to teach the same material at APA and AAPP. TALEPI is the leader in Texas and will continue to bring unique and creative training opportunities to our members in 2018.

Please go to the AAPP Registration page, sign up, register, and make your hotel reservations. If you are not a member, please consider joining. Please take a moment and look at the attached 2017 Conference Line-up (tentative).

As always, I and the Board appreciate your input, loyalty, and attendance. Our members are important to AAPP and this joint conference will elevate the unity of all of the polygraph profession in Texas.


Robert Young





2017 Training Conference

April 23 - 28, 2017

Houston, TX

NPA Basic Polygraph Training at Amarillo College

June 5, 2017 - August 11, 2017

Amarillo, TX

6 Hour Sexual Offender Course at Amarillo College

August 11, 2017

Amarillo, TX

NPA PCSOT Course at Amarillo College

August 14 - 18, 2017

Amarillo, TX

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