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Greetings fellow examiners and polygraph professionals. The plans for the 2014 TALEPI Annual Training Conference have been finalized and are now posted on our web site. Please take a look at the training flyer and register EARLY. Please get the word out that we will be offering the mandated TDLR Continuing Education Credit for attendees at this year's conference. The polygraph law has been updated and continuing education is now mandatory for licensed polygraph examiners in Texas. A special thank you to Lt. Matt Hicks and his team at DPS for working with TDLR to get this done in time for the conference.

There have been many changes to the polygraph profession in Texas in the past few years. The changes are still coming and at times, can be overwhelming. As such, the theme for this year's training is "Back to Basics". Honing back in on the basics of polygraph helps everyone from new examiners to the most experienced. Our conference this year will be geared toward focusing on the basics while keeping an eye on the future. This year's conference will be a little different from those in the years past. The board has worked hard to provide more networking activities (every day of the conference) and to expand the training topics so that each examiner will come away with something "new".

A reminder about the Tim Kennedy and Bill Taylor awards. There is excellent work being done by examiners all over the state and the country, every day. We want to reward excellent performance and as an association, we need to be recognizing superior work in polygraph. I encourage everyone in our association to submit at least one nomination. Please take just a few moments and fill out the nomination forms found on our web site and submit them EARLY.

On a side note, TDLR is holding a Polygraph Summit in Austin on March 18th. Some of us will be there as representatives of TALEPI, but I encourage everyone that can, to attend and participate in the summit. The summit should be an excellent forum to help shape the future of polygraph in Texas. TALEPI needs to be involved in the summit, I again encourage all that can to attend on the 18th.

Please get the word out to all of your contacts on this year's conference and register EARLY. A downloadable registration form can be found on our website under Training.

I look forward to seeing everyone in San Marcos in June.

Robert Young,





Texas Polygraph Summit

March 18, 2014

Austin, TX

2014 Training Conference

June 2 - 6, 2014

San Marcos, TX

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